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Having an attractive, pleasing personality is always an added advantage in both professional and personal life. With English Speaking Institute’s personality development classes, you are sure to capture all the limelight in every sphere of life.

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    Develop an ideal personality that makes a difference

    Sometimes, many individuals live with the false belief that their existing personality traits are perfect and they do not require any further grooming. This belief rather tends to become a stumbling block in the path of professional success as certain specific personality traits are expected from individuals looking to clear exams such as IELTS or looking to switch job profiles.

    What will you learn?

    With ESI’s personality development classes, you will gain an all-new sophisticated and impressive personality that will make you the favourite candidate for any university seat or job profile. Here are the modules that you will learn under these classes.

    What our students have to say?

    We love it when our students narrate their stories as to how this personality development course transformed their lives completely. Here are a few of our trainees, sharing their experiences in brief.

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    "Earlier, I was really shy; I had trouble interacting with strangers and maintaining eye contact even with the people I knew. After joining IELTS Learning though, I saw a positive change in my confidence – all shyness disappeared.” – Raghav

    "I joined IELTS Learning to prepare myself for the interview of SSB. Here I learned how to interact and represent one-self in front of others. We participated in debates, discussions and public speaking. The faculty is great.” – Shaina

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    After my graduation, I was looking for a personality development class. I found many institutes but out of the lot, IELTS Learning was appearing to be the best. After the free demo class, I found that it was indeed the best one.”– Mahima

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    Why choose us for Personality Development?

    Developing an appealing, impressive personality may sound very easy; however, it takes a lot of conscious effort to develop one. These features of our online Personality Development course will help you break all your social shackles. Here’s what you will get at English speaking institute

    Our Trainers

    You will be taken care of by the best in the business. All these faces that you see below have a lot of experience in grooming individuals through the best personality development methodologies.

    Surjeet Singh


    Varun Kumar

    Rajneesh Sharma

    Rajneesh Sharma

    Rajwinder Kaur

    Gurpreet Kaur

    Ravinder Singh


    Neeraj Kapoor

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    Over 12,000 individuals have attended our English speaking and personality development classes.


    of our students have received their first job after completing our course


    of our students have reported a boosted confidence while interacting with others


    of our students have found our trainers to be very helpful.  

    Over 10,000+ individuals have fulfilled their dreams with IELTS Learning.

    Just like these people, you too can achieve your goals. With IELTS Learning, every dream is a possibility, provided that you are willing to support us with your zeal to learn and excel.

    300+ 5 Star Customer

    300+ 5 Star Customer

    300+ 5 Star Customer